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Cointreau - Orange Liqueur (1L)

Varietal: Cordials & Liqueurs  |   Country: France  |   Size: 1L
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Current price: $39.99
Professional Wine Reviews
Wine Enthusiast
A sophisticated orange pulp bouquet which after aeration turns much more dry peel-like. The palate entry is intensely orange peel-like yet more sweet than bittersweet; the midpalate stage is deeply orangey, sweet and sublimely juicy. Finishes ideally citrusy/tart/astringent, then turns lithe and sweet. The benchmark for all orange flavored liqueurs/triple secs. State of the art.
Cointreau Review

Exquisite fullness: Renowned for its fine balance, Cointreau is at once intense and gentle, warming and refreshing, bitter and sweet, delivering a beguiling twist of "je ne sais quoi" that never leaves one indifferent. Remember, taste, like beauty, is often born from contrast. Surrender to its charms...

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