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On Sale - A Favorite From Washington State - 91WA, 90WS

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Northstar Merlot Columbia Valley 2008

Rated 91WA, 90WS

Ready to Drink Now, or Cellar for the next Decade!

On Sale!

Ever since I had the opportunity to visit Washington State, I have believed in the world class potential of Merlot that comes out of the Columbia Valley. Merlots from this region are consistently ripe, silky smooth in texture...exactly what Merlot from many other regions strives to be. 

Northstar Winery was developed to focus primarily on Merlots from Washington State, because they also believe in the world-class potential of the grape being grown in Washington State. 

Washington State is at the same latitude as Bordeaux, where Merlot is one of the main grapes in the blends that are made in this most famous region. According to Northstar, Washington has an advantage over Bordeaux when it comes to the Merlot grape, with an extended growing season, and cooler nighttime temperatures, which allow for better ripening.

The Northstar Merlot Columbia Valley 2008 was rated 91 Points by the Wine Advocate and 90 Points by the Wine Spectator. Both reviews were published in the latter half of 2011 when this wine was released. I found it interesting that these reviews don't sound like the typical 90 and over tasting notes, until I read closer and realized that both tasters knew how young this wine was, and that it's true potential laid ahead. 

According to both reviews, which you can read by clicking on the name of the wine below, we are in the beginning of the optimal drinking window for this delicious Merlot. I applaud both magazines for reviewing this wine, realizing at the time that it is young and still coming together, yet rating it based on the potential that they knew was there. 

Regularly priced at $33.99 per bottle, this wine is now on sale, while supplies last, for $27.99 each, and is a great bottle of wine to drink right now...or cellar for a while!

I know you'll enjoy this Merlot from the very special Columbia Valley region. 

Tracy Maxon

Northstar - Merlot Columbia Valley 2008 (750ml)
Northstar - Merlot Columbia Valley 2008 (750ml)
Varietal: Merlot | Location: United States | Size: 750ml
Red Wine 
WS 90
WA 91
Current price:  $39.99