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Great Value in Petit Chateau Bordeaux - $11.99 per bottle!

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Chateau Montfort de Larmevaille Bordeaux 2009

Only $11.99 per bottle!


As those of you who follow Bordeaux will know, the 2009 vintage was very special. The vintage produced great wines, characterized by their depth of fruit, complexity and the potential for longevity. Right now we have a good list of 2009 Bordeaux in stock, even though we are still waiting for shipments of most of the premier names in Bordeaux, along with First Growths.

In the meantime, we have this delicious Petit Chateaux Bordeaux, which we are offering at the terrific price of $11.99 per bottle. At this point, I'm figuring that some of you are very excited to try this great value, and others are thinking that this just can't be a good representative of Bordeaux at a price of $11.99. The answer that I have for both groups is - you really do need to try this wine!

The Chateau Montfort de Larmevaille has all of the characteristics that are common to Bordeaux, such as a weight on the higher side of medium-bodied, ripe berry fruit flavors, balanced by notes of cedar and cigar box. This wine is a textbook example of Bordeaux, without breaking the bank. Try this wine while waiting for your favorite Chateau to come into stock, or to age long enough to be ready to drink!

Once you give this wine a try, you'll see why this is such a terrific value!


Tracy Maxon